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Wow! What color is that?


“The owners of this all-white house were after serious curb appeal. They asked for a dramatic front door, and what’s more attention-grabbing than bright red? It’s vivid and vivacious—which matches the wife’s personality to a T.”

Life & Leisure

July 10 - 12, 2015


But it’s the homestead he proudly wants to show me.Modelledona hunting lodge,the property took five years to build and four architectural plans before he settled on Canadian-born Michelle Marsden.


Inside, it’s deceptively big and rambling. It wouldn’t behard to lose yourself. Jreissati, used to dealing in numbers,tells me there are 52 places to sit. In addition, there are four deluxe guest suites, each with an ensuite bathroom and patio (a fifth suite is for the owners); a study, a theatrette, a games room and a library; as well as a cellarandlodge-like dining room, featuring a massive Coldstream-rock fireplace and a 6.3-metre table seating 22, hewn from a 400-year old Queensland river gum,over which hang imported Richmond Park deer-antler chandeliers.

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The Real Estate Conversation

October 29, 2018


With over 30 years in the biz, designer Michelle Marsden has designed homes all over the world - from the shores of Palm Beach in Florida to Melbourne's Yarra Valley.

WILLIAMS MEDIA recently caught up with Michelle to find out the most interesting brief she's been given, to the trends she believes will stand the test of time.....

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